VPNaaS - VPN as a service

Description of the service

SIM-Cloud VPNaaS (VPN as a Service)

SIM-Cloud VPNaaS – is a service integrated into SIM-Cloud that provides VPN access to your cloud infrastructure. It can only be used to set up site-to-site connections using the IPsec protocol. VPNaaS can be created directly from the SIM-Cloud, dashboard, without the need for additional programming.

Initial requirements

Project requirements for using VPNaaS:

  • A working router must be created for the project (it is already provided by default)
  • A private network must be set up (the project already contains a network by default)
  • Addition of an interface to the router from the private network (for network an interface already exists with the address
The VPNaaS service should also be ordered in advance.
This can be done on the SIM-Networks website. In the ‘Network Infrastructure’ section, choose the required number of VIP tunnels. Each VPN tunnel that is created allows one VPN IPSec connection..

Practical application

Examples of creating VPNaaS tunnels with various virtual routers to a remote office are described in detail in our documentation.