Migrating instances between Availability Zones

The process of migrating an instance to another AZ includes the following steps:

1) Deleting the instance to be migrated. Before deleting, you need to check the “delete a volume when deleting an instance” option.

2) Migrate the volume to the desired AZ. Detailed instructions will be described in our article Migrating volumes between AZ.

3) Creation of a new instance based on the volume that was migrated. In this case, the floating IP address will not be saved. You can use an external dedicated subnet with a minimum of “/ 29” - 6 IP addresses.

If a user rents a subnet for this case, then it should be understood that 4 IP addresses will be used as service ones:
  • 1st This is the network address;
  • 2nd This is the address that will be the interface on the provider’s router in the availability zone;
  • 3rd This is the address for the DHCP service in the cloud for this network;
  • 4th This is the address of the Broadcast network.
  1. Restore security settings - assign the required security groups.
  2. Change DNS records if required.
  3. Configure backup using internal Cloud service - BaaS.