Changing the disk type

Changing the volume type after it has been created.


The type can be changed only for a volume that has been disconnected from the instance.
If the volume is a system disk and the instance is launched on its basis, the instance must be temporarily removed before proceeding. Then after the type change is complete, the instance will have to be created over again.
Before changing the volume type, be certain to check that the volume being changed does not contain snapshots..
If the volume contains snapshots, the change of type will not take place.
It is necessary to remove snapshots in advance and launch the procedure a second time.

To change the type of volume, proceed as follows:

  • Access your project via the SIM-Cloud web interface

  • Go to the menu “VOLUMES - Volumes”

  • Adjacent to the relevant volume, in the ‘Actions’ section, click on the arrow beside ‘EDIT VOLUME’

  • From the drop-down list that appears, select ‘CHANGE VOLUME TYPE’

  • A dialog appears that asks for the following:

    • In the ‘Type’ field, specify the type of storage to which you wish to move the disk (NB the storage should have an appropriate volume available). This must be different from the current value.
    • In the ‘Migration Policy’ field, select ’On Demand’.
  • The transfer of the disk to the selected storage begins; during this process the disk status is ‘retyping’.

  • When the process is completed the disk status changes to ‘Available’ and its type should correspond to the new storage.


The migration process may take considerable time, up to several hours. This depends on the size of the volume.


Before changing the type it is essential to check that the volume being changed has not been linked to the backup (BaaS) service.

If the volume is connected to BaaS, however, then once the type change is completed, two disks will be available with the same name. In this case one of the volumes will carry the note ‘migration src for <VolumeID>’.

We recommend that you disconnect the volume from BaaS before starting the type change. Once the volume has been copied to the new storage, remember to add it to BaaS