Defining the MAC address for the network interface of an instance

To precisely identify network interfaces from the viewpoint of the operating system it is often necessary to know the MAC address that has been assigned to a given interface.
This can be done using the following algorithm:
  • In the ‘Compute - Instances’ tab of the web interface find the required instance and check the IP address issued by the network that is of interest.
  • Now select the “Network - Networks”
  • Find the required network there and select it by clicking on its name. A list of associated subnetworks is shown in the ‘Subnets Associated‘ column.
  • In the window that opens, chose the ‘PORTS‘ tab.
  • A list of ports opens up; select the one that is required (by means of its IP address).
  • The MAC required appears in the ‘MAC Address‘ field.
  • Make a note of this.