SIM-Cloud API. General information

Since a SIM-Cloud project is based on the OpenStack suite of public-domain software, the full vocabulary commands for working with the SIM-Cloud project via an API is available from the official documentation of the suite:

  • API quick-start examples
  • OpenStack API Reference Documentation
  • Identity API (Keystone) - the ID service;
  • Compute API (Nova) - the service responsible for creating, launching, relaunching and stopping virtual machines (instances), etc. It is the component for monitoring computational resources.
  • Block Storage API (Cinder) - the service responsible for creating, deleting and changing disks and accompanying actions (working with snapshots etc.)
  • Networking API (Neutron) - the service responsible for creating, changing and managing network elements of the project (IP addresses, networks, VPNs, firewalls)
  • Image Service API (Glance) - this service manages the disk images of virtual machines but is not involved with their actual storage. Provides abstraction of several storage technologies — ranging from simple file systems to storage systems for objects. As well as real disk images, Glance contains metadata and information about the state that is describing the image.

To address the specific SIM-Cloud service via the API, the defined URL (the service access point) must be used in the command with the request. You can view the mapping between the services and access points by accessing your project via the web interface See the Project menu - Computing resources - Access to API or see the table below:

Service Service access point
Compute (Nova)<ProjectID>
Identity (Keystone)
Network (Neutron)
Volumev2 (Cinder)<ProjectID>
Volumev3 (Cinder)<ProjectID>

The entry <ProjectID> - should be replaced by your project ID in SIM-Cloud