SIM-Cloud 4.0

Our cloud product continues to improve and we released SIM-Cloud 4.0 in early 2019. The new version of the cloud has already been deployed, tested and works for our clients.

The improvements have affected all the main components of the fault-tolerant cloud, built by specialists from SIM-Networks.


Cloud infrastructure SIM-Cloud IaaS is built on a dynamically developing complex of projects OpenStack. As a result of the next series of platform updates OpenStack replaced the Ocata release with a new version - the Pike release. There are not many fundamentally new functionality in it. Highlights of the Openstack Pike release:

  • instead of adding many additional features, the emphasis is on improving the existing basic ones;
  • simplified pooling of heterogeneous computing and network resources, block storages from various vendors. Including - open source software, hardware and virtual equipment from manufacturers at the user’s choice;
  • The modular architecture of the complex allows you to quickly connect to the infrastructure the functionality that you need now (and disable unused ones).

Отметим основные преимущества OpenStack версии Pike:

  • повышение производительности, простота управления, поддержка последней версии языка программирования Python 3.5;
  • удобство и легкость при развертывании, масштабировании и обновлении ПО облачной инфраструктуры (без простоев, «на лету»);
  • стабильность работы, максимальная безопасность работы пользователей в облаке.

Let’s note the main advantages of the OpenStack version of Pike:

Horizon (GUI updated in our cloud to the Queens version), where you will notice these changes in the Dashboard: * The “Volumes” tab has been moved to a separate section; * It is now possible to assign a Security Group to a port (interface) of an instance; * Added also the ability to assign a desired IP address to a port when creating it; * The API Access tab has been added to a separate section; * Added other GUI (Graphical User Interface) elements.

For Nova (a virtual machine management service), the Pike release has improved support for large-scale deployments:

  • internal architecture of Cells has been updated to v.2 to eliminate database scaling limitations;
  • changed and simplified the text message protocol.

Cinder (block storage service) got the following new features:

  • The revert to snapshot function allows you to return to the saved state of the virtual machine;
  • For certain types of storage, it became possible to expand the volume of volumes on the fly, without stopping virtual machines, which is very important for the operation of online applications.
  • Service Neutron (a network service) also includes improvements:
  • improved stability and performance of the service by reducing the workload on the server;
  • added support for upgrading from previous Ocata release without downtime;
  • extended integration with OpenStack components deployed on physical machines (using the Ironic service).


The operating system Linux remains the basis of the infrastructure platform SIM-Cloud v.4.0. Now on the “hardware” in the network nodes the updated version of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is used with long-term support. Using this version of the OS guarantees that you will receive all current updates for 5 years. In the release of Xenial Xerus, the key changes are as follows:

  • improved stability and performance;
  • the list of applications in the standard distribution kit has been updated, new versions of some of these applications.

For virtualization, we continue to use the well-proven QEMU KVM v.2.10.2 module loaded into the Linux kernel.

Our specialists have developed and implemented a new monitoring service Cloud-Moon

The service is designed for automated control of your virtual routers. projects in the SIM-Cloud. It includes:

  • monitoring the availability of project routers;
  • control of the availability of routers.

This microservice collects and processes data (analytics) in the background with routers, carries out intelligent control and makes adjustments for increasing fault tolerance.

The network infrastructure of the updated SIM-Cloud has been optimized:

  • made the scaling of the key elements of the network;
  • updated Open vSwitch on cloud hosts.

We have migrated all projects to the new network topology.

The new topology is characterized by a central point in every client project traffic exchange has become a virtual router of the project. This provided additional virtual machine isolation, a new level of network security of projects in the cloud, functionality and flexibility when scaling. You can also improve the manageability of your network by using floating IP, which you can independently and flexibly assign to your instances to access him from the public segment of the Internet.

You can now use blocks of dedicated public subnets (optional) and advertise your own subnets to the cloud (with already your own IP addresses).


Our SIM-Cloud Team has received excellent results from the implementation of new tools Software to improve monitoring and analytics. This gives us even more options. manage and maintain external and internal cloud services, providing your projects stability of work.

We have added new ones to the list of images available to you when creating instances:

  • bionic-server-cloudimg-amd64 (Ubuntu server 18.04 LTS)
  • Kerio-control-appliance-9.2.7
  • FortiGate VM 6.0.2
  • FortiGate VM 5.6.6
  • openSUSE-Leap-15.0 OpenStack.x86_64-0.0.4

Also updated our backup service SIM-Cloud BaaS:

  • added indication (diagram) of the efficiency of backups;
  • optimization of the service (working with snapshots);
  • developed and launched in test mode Notification-as-a-Service.

Our datastores have been updated to the new version of Ceph Luminous.

The main result of the modernization of software-defined storage is the stability of their operation.

Storage drives use hardware data encryption.

The security of processing and storing your confidential and business information has been increased.

Throughout the year, we have continuously expanded the computing resources of the cloud, - we are all ready to scale your projects.

Another important point: realizing how precious your time is, we started developing new, more convenient documentation for working with SIM-Cloud.

Remember, our Customer Care team is on duty 24/7 - please contact to us at any time, we will always answer your questions!