The use of the integrated REST API interface allows automation of the project management within the SIM-Cloud environment. With its aid, the entire spectrum of available actions with the project and its components can be performed.


Use of an application programming interface (API) provides the greatest range of options and flexibility in managing the project in comparison to other management interfaces.
Nevertheless, the ‘OpenStack Client’ command line utility is easier to use, requires less time to learn and is sufficient for performing the majority of the operations required.
For working via an API, authorisation is applied using a token. The main characteristics of the token are:
  • It is a unique alphanumeric sequence;
  • It is generated from the username and password for the cloud-based project;
  • It provides access only to the defined SIM-Cloud project;
  • It has a restricted period of validity (24 hours). When this period expires, a new token must be generated.
To send API requests and process the responses, the following may be used:
  • The cURL console utility (available in Linux and Windows)
  • REST clients with a graphical interface for Firefox и Chrome
  • programming language libraries that allow execution and handling of HTTP requests. For example, requests for python
The process of working with an API consists of the following steps:
  • Authentication
  • Obtaining the token ID
  • Sending the API request
  • Handling the response