Remotely connecting a USB device to the instance via RDP

Connection procedure::

1. Connect the USB drive to a personal computer. Note the name of the drive that has been connected.

2. Go to ‘Connect to remote desktop’, press the ‘Parameters’ button and go to the ‘Local Resources’ tab.

3. 3. Open the ‘Local devices and resources’ section and press the ‘Details’ button.

4. Open the ‘Devices’ list and select the required USB drive (or disk drive or hard disk).

4.1. If you change devices often, while working with the instance you can select ‘Disk drives that will be connected later’.

4.2. You can also select the list ‘Other supported plug-and-play devices’, to enable other devices, such as webcams and so on, to be connected to the instance.

5. Now click ‘OK’ and connect to the instance. A new dialog opens and asks: ‘Do you trust this connection?’ Press ‘Connect’. You can also set the option ‘Do not ask again about connections to this computer’.

6. After connecting to the instance via RDP, go to the file explorer and check that the connected USB drive or device is available there.