S3-compatible storage

S3-compatible object storage. Flexible, easily scalable S3 object storage for backups, static content for websites and file storage, with connection via HTTPS protocol.

Secure object storage based on the S3 protocol is an ideal solution for storing a variety of file and media archives, for working with big data and also for web development. A flexible, practically dimensionless universal storage that is compatible with S3. With a high level of security and fast data transfer.

What it is built on

S3 storage from SIM-Networks is built on the basis of Ceph using an object storage protocol developed by Amazon. Triple replication is used, which guarantees the security of data storage.

A management system is currently being developed that will enable the user of the service to manage it on an intuitive basis via the dashboard.


During configuration, two keys are required:

  • Access key.
  • Secret key (your identifiers for S3 storage).
  • Endpoint (URL).

The advantages of S3-compatible object storage

  • Encryption using a SSL protocol
  • Easy to scale
  • High level of compatibility
  • Access via dashboard (planned)
  • No limits regarding volume, which is important when expanding infrastructure
  • Data is available when it is needed yet secured against failures, errors and threats
  • S3 storage supports the possibility of supporting the monitoring of data versions
  • High level of ‘passability’ in the network; can operate through firewalls because it is identified as web traffic
  • The S3 protocol allows file transfer to be resumed in the event of an interruption in the connection.
  • High performance thanks to multiple-thread data loading
  • Stores data in its original format
  • The cost of S3 is much lower than storage on a hard SSD disk and does not require maintenance.
  • Large number of available cross-platform clients and plugins
  • Access to API
  • Several availability zones (launch of second IPC4 zone in the second half of this year) Replication is possible
  • Compatible with backup storage

Situations in which S3 cloud storage is used

  • For storage of backup copies, archives and journals
  • Static website content
  • Corporate archives with shared access
  • For backend platforms, mobile and web applications and games
  • Data lakes, storage and big data analyses
  • Storage for document management systems
  • Data and file archives with rapid access
  • Photo and video hosting

Cost cutting

Rather than increasing your charges for hosting, VDS or server, you can rent S3 storage and migrate static files to it.

The storage of large volumes of data is the chief problem that S3-protocol technology solves. The main difference between S3 object storage and FTP is that there is no limit to volume, thanks to which it can offer rapid scaling.


Cold data Hot data
Archives Website content
Documentation Analytical data
Media content (video, video surveillance)  
Planning documentation  
Log files  
  1. File manager (similar to google drive) CyberDuck application (free of charge)
  2. Connect storage such as a disk MountainDuck/
  3. Collaboration on documents (OwnCloud / NextCloud → SharePoint/OneDrive) Used as storage
  4. Storage for static content (websites based on Bitrix or WordPress) Add configuration to Bitrix for the possibility of integration
  5. Replication for network storage (QNAP )

Backup products for use with S3

  • BackupExec
  • Veeam


  • Traffic not charged for
  • Requests (Get/Put) not charged for
  • Pay only for the disk space quota
  • Storage space from 500 GB upwards